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Documentary: Asphalt Tattoos

Client: Eurosport & Dobb
Project: Tobias Ludvigsson is the most prolific road bicyclist in Sweden at the moment. Last year, he suffered from a bad crash during a fast stage at the Giro d’Italia. We followed him during the first stages of his comeback at the La Vuelta later the same year in southern Spain.
Camera: Canon 5D Mark iii


Music plays such a vital role in the filmmaking process. Many even begin with it to set the tone of the film they’re making. You can make the most compelling story visually but if the music and sound falls short, it won’t be worth watching. That said, who needs another bloody Spotify list? Probably fewer than few. If one poor bastard finds it and likes it, it’s surved its purpose. It’s a list of some really good tunes that somehow have a connection to moving images. Indirectly or directly. There’s also an Instagram account you can follow for free.  Now get moving, son!